C.A.B Individual Clean Air Bed Canopy

Clean area is required for open burns treatment, leukemia patients, bone marrow transplant pre- and post treatment, also for patients that must avoid any form of infection.

  • Low cost investment
  • No construction work needed
  • Low running costs
  • Simple to use
  • Easily movable
  • Possible to situate more than one unit per room
  • The unit also helps to keep the air in the room clean
  • The protection curtain can be fully or partially open depending on the patients resistance to infection
  • The curtain is transparent and antistatic plastic
  • Reduces the length of stay of the patient in hospital
  • The unit comes complete with fluorescent lightning for the patient
  • Low noise level 50db (A) on low speed setting
  • Air flow is controlled with 7 different speed settings
  • H14 class HEPA filter (patients clean area complies to ISO 5 standard for 0,5 ┬Ám or larger particles)

Our products are designed and manufactured in Finland. 

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