Vector Team Ltd

Vector Team is a developer of high technology products and services. We work responsibly following sustainable development goals. We deliver what we promise. 

We work closely with our customers to bring out best products that are sustainable, competitive and have the lowest total cost of ownership. We follow latest technology with close ear to bring out the latest cutting edge products and services. 

Founded: 2014

Address: Virastotie 4, 43500 Karstula, Finland

Business ID: 2622740-6

About Us, a brief history

  • 1978 Karstulan Metalli Ltd starts clean air product line
  • 1984 Services and clean space measurements start. Company is first in Finland to offer clean air measurements at customers location
  • 1992 Aptepa Ky is founded and clean air measurements transfer to Aptepa
  • 2020 Clean air products are acquired by Vector Team Ltd